Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Hey y'all.  I've been MIA for quite some time, as my last post was the beginning of September.  YIKES! 

Here's what's been going on...

I love taking pictures.  Labor Day Weekend my camera died.  Kind of.  The LCD screen was shot.  I must admit I like adding pictures to each blog posting, so that is part of the reason I've been absent from the scene.  I tried sending my camera in to be fixed.  It came back unfixed, with the fix costing more than the camera itself.  I JUST bought a new camera, and feel ready to roll again!  I got the current version of what I had:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7

I have loved this camera and am excited to check out this new version, which includes GPS (don't think I need that on my camera, but there you have it).  It's got great zoom, captures color wonderfully, and is a point and shoot camera that is super easy to use.  

At the end of August I was contacted by a company I interviewed with in the summer of 2009.  They called ME and asked ME to interview for a job.  So, right now, I'm in limbo waiting to see if I'll get called back for a 2nd interview.  Should I get this job, which I am interested in, then I'll have to rework my website and scale back a bit on Render Lifestyle Management so I can do it all.  Until I know which way life is taking me, I've just been enjoying the fall.  And what a fall it has been in Minnesota.

And, as it is fall, that means the end of the cabin season.  We closed up for the winter last weekend, with unseasonably warm weather.  It felt really strange to be closing for the season in 80 degree weather!  Here are a few shots of the gorgeous sunset we enjoyed on Saturday night.

On the fun and frugal side...I made my first trip to an Aldi grocery store in the past month.  I was sucked in by the advertisement of pineapples for $1.99 (vs. $3.99 at Byerly's where I usually buy fruit).  I spent $8.60 total and came away with a box of cereal, the pineapple, a turkey kielbasa, 3 canned goods, and I think one other thing I cannot remember.  I will definitely go back- they really do have low prices, but with that comes a small selection.  For example, they only had gallons of milk (no half gallons).  And, you have to be willing to give up brand loyalty, because there are no name brands to be had there.  And, it's a very small small produce selection.

My current project is a floor lamp re-do.  It was given to me by my mom (helping her clear out her basement), and was brass.  I'll be spray painting it and either getting a new shade or recovering the old one, and will end up with a brand new lamp for the newly re-done guest bedroom.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Many of you have told me you love the organizing ideas I've suggested thus far in my blog.  If that is you...please comment and let me know what organizing conundrums you are facing and I'll answer in future posts!

Until then...happy fall!