Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas Cash

Wow!  Where has the fall gone?  We spent a lovely, sunny, Saturday afternoon getting the yard raked, the garden pulled, and the roses prepped for winter.  And just in time!  Today is gray and blustery.  Perfect weather for the big pot of chili I cooked up!

My post-dinner hours have been spent going through the bin that collects items that need to be filed.  Among them was a notice from my credit card company to sign up for this quarter's rewards program (my credit card company requires a quarterly sign-up for additional cash-back bonuses). As I got to work doing this, I dug deeper into what the rewards program is, and found a I have a HUGE stockpile of rewards points.  It's the PERFECT time to cash them in, and use that money for this year's holiday gift buying. 

I don't advocate using credit cards just to earn rewards, and I ABSOLUTELY believe in only charging on them what can be paid in FULL when the bill comes.  But, if you're going to use a credit card, you might as well reap some benefits too, right?

If you have a card that offers a rewards program, take the time this month to make sure you know the rules of the program, and participate if you are not already.  Make a plan when you enroll in the program for what those funds will be used for, and stick to that plan.

My plan:  let the points build up all year long, and let the cash reward help inform my holiday gift buying budget.  That way, buying holiday gifts will remain fun, and not be a finacial burden into the new year!

Until next time...