Sunday, March 27, 2011

Resolution Re-check

Dare I say it out loud?  We are already a quarter of the way through 2011.  How did that happen??

Now is a great time to think back to those New Year's Resolutions, or Commitments, that you made.  Have you stuck with them?  Any of them? 

I made three.  1) Floss 3X/week, 2) Clean the house more often, and 3) Break even on my business.  The flossing is going well.  I flossed almost EVERY DAYin January, but now am averaging about 3X/week.  Right on target. 

Cleaning the house more often?  I have to give myself an F.  Although, I made great headway today, vacuuming a lot of spaces, including the stairs, cleaning out the freezer and fridge, and doing laundry.  And buying more bins to better organize my shoes, trying on clothes and cleaning out what doesn't fit or I never wear.  Still, I definitely can do better on this cleaning commitment!

I have a ways to go yet before I break even on my business, but I'm slowly making progress. 

Your turn.  How's it going?  If you've lost your way, take the rest of March to re-prioritize your goals.  Renew your commitments or set new goals- no shame in deciding that what you thought was good in January is no longer where life is leading you!

Good luck and keep me posted!

Until next time...


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