Sunday, January 2, 2011

Commitment Statement

It's that time of year know...ring in the new year and make a resolution.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Lose weight, eat healthier, etc. etc. etc.  This year I'm going to reframe the conept of resolutions, and instead, make commitments. 

My first commitment is to my teeth.  My dentist father will be proud of this one!!  I am commiting to flossing at least 3 times per week.  I'm terrible at doing this, but know it's good for me. My inspiration?  A new co-worker who told me that in 2004 she made a resolution to floss everyday and since then has truly flossed every day.   

My second commitment is to clean the house more often.  I'm not going to say how often...because then you'd know how often I DON'T do this. 

My third commitment in 2011 is to break even on my new business venture.  This will be more challenging that I had originally hoped, because at the beginning of December I returned to full-time work, and thus, have less time to spend on Render Lifestyle Management.

Now, rather than getting long winded, I'd rather start a conversation on this topic.  So, the question is...what will YOU commit to this year to make yourself, or your life, or somebody else's life, better?

Until next time...


  1. I am going to commit to living a simpler life. Less is more.
    Every single time I shop I will use what you taught me: "Do you have a plan for this."
    It worked so well at IKEA!

    I also want to commit to being more strict about my budget and paying off my debts.
    Any wisdom here?

    Can you commit to writing Render Bits? :)

  2. Ms. Beth: when it comes to finances and saving, you HAVE TO AUTOMATE. Split your paycheck between checking and savings (the principle to pay yourself first). Make yourself a budget so you know what you can spend each month, take that out in cash, and when it's gone, you are DONE. Don't use your credit cards!! Good luck and keep me posted:)