Sunday, January 9, 2011

Use What You Already Have

This seems to be a purging time of year.  People make their resolutions to live with less; live a more simple life; clear out the clutter, etc. etc. etc.  Sound familiar?

While I whole-heartedly believe in purging and living with less, while you're at it, think about making better use of what you already have too.  The closet is a great place to start!  Here' a suggestion: Hang all your hangers the same way.  Each time you wear an item and hang it back up, face the hanger in the opposite direction.  At the end of the season, it will be clear what you wear and what you don't, and make your purging decisions very clear!

Think about a room or a part of your life that makes you think, "I just have TOO MUCH STUFF!".  I love to make cards, and have amassed a huge amount of stamps, papers, inks, tools, etc.  One of my (cool) tools is a Cricut machine.  I must admit, it doesn't get a ton of use.  But this year, I started thinking about additional ways I can make use of what I already have.  Enter the Cricut and Christmas presents, and nifty gadget that makes paper cut-outs into stickers, and Voila, my holiday gifts had beautiful labels.  Now I don't feel so bad about the cost of the Cricut and the space it takes to store it. 

Tell me what you're making better use of, or creative ways to use what you already have!

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